Religious Education

Both Coalway Infant and Junior school follow the Gloucestershire agreed syllabus for the teaching of RE. The children develop knowledge and understanding of religious beliefs and practices from a Christian perspective, whilst taking into account the beliefs and practices of other religions in our multi-cultural society.

Units are taught which relate to the children’s every day experiences, for example, themes of caring, families and belonging to groups, linking these to key religious stories and events in the Bible, where appropriate. Attitudes of wonder, compassion, self-respect and respect for others are developed. Through religious education children are helped to know, understand and respect the traditions and beliefs of Christianity and other faiths in the community and to explore moral values. Through visits to religious buildings and talking to people of different faith, we aim to deeper the children's understanding and cultural awareness.


A daily act of worship takes place through assembly time, which also fosters the development of a sense of community and belonging. Our assemblies are based within the Christian faith and cover a wide range of religious, spiritual, moral, social and cultural themes (linked to our RE curriculum), which provide the children with the opportunity to consider everyday issues and situations.

Parents have the right to withdraw their child from RE or collective worship, but would need to discuss this with the Head Teacher first.