Coalway Community Infant School aims to provide an ambitious and balanced history education,through the national curriculum, which will enable children to develop a coherent knowledge and understanding of the history of the British Isle and the wider world.

Our History themes include now and then, transport and homes. Within these themes, local history, Forest of Dean and Gloucester, underpin our curriculum to ensure that our children have a good foundation and understanding of the past.

The children’s historical journey, throughout their time at Coalway Infants, will be enjoyable and thought provoking, ensuring that they develop a genuine love for history. Through an engaging curriculum, we aim to inspire children’s curiosities about the past.

Our curriculum is enriched by our ‘golden threads’ to ensure the children have real life experiences to bring history alive (visitors, drama workshops and trips). Good teaching will equip children with historical skills and knowledge, enabling them to ask questions, think critically, interpret historical events and understand the chronology of our history in Britain.