Computing is used to support the children’s learning throughout the curriculum. Each class has an HD Interactive Whiteboard which is used on a daily basis to enhance teaching and learning across all areas of the curriculum. The school is well resourced, with all classes having access to tablets and a dedicated computer workstation with additional networked computers and printers. All children have supervised and protected access to the Internet and are taught about e-safety. Their learning is enhanced through instant access to educational websites and they also use the Internet for research and information.


The children develop their computing skills through the use of a wide range of software linked to the whole curriculum; this includes painting and word processing programs, database and animation software. Other skills are developed through the use of remote controlled toys, programmable robots, class listening centres, voice recorders, digital microscopes, tablets and digital cameras. From the Foundation Stage, children are encouraged to become independent and confident in using technology and to develop their keyboard and mouse control skills.   Pupils explore a range of technology and learn to use it confidently and with purpose to achieve specific outcomes. They start to develop their ideas and record their creative work, and become familiar with a range of hardware and software. Through the use of programs which allow the children themselves to take control, computing becomes a valuable tool that motivates and stimulates the children’s learning.