Geography at Coalway Community Infant School allows all children to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world around them through new and enriching experiences. Through map and field work, children begin to develop their understanding of the vastness of our earth and the continents and oceans within it.


Our curriculum, based on the national curriculum, gives children the chance to explore the world around them using our school grounds and the local area; going on walks within the village and into the local town and then making comparisons with the city of Gloucester. The geography curriculum also gives our children experiences within the wider environment though trips linked to field work such as a coastal area visit.


Cultures and traditions are discussed and highlighted throughout the school year to allow children to compare their own culture and traditions to that of others. Our ‘Coalway Bee’ values support us to understand and respect others thoughts and lifestyles.


Our children begin to think and question the importance of looking after the world around them.  They learn about the cycle of the seasons and how this changes in different locations around the world and also how this may impact environmental changes.


By the end of their infant journey, we aim for all children to have developed a secure foundation of geography knowledge and understanding of where they live within the World and to have a greater understanding of the wider world around them and the people that share it with them.