Geography is taught through a topic based approach following the National Curriculum guidelines. The children learn to compare and contrast their own locality with different places within the UK and around the world. They begin by observing and developing an awareness of their immediate environment i.e. their school, home and locality. They explore the local area, making observations and simple comparisons between Coalway and other places in the UK and the wider world. They find out about the environment in these areas and the people who live there. To develop their awareness of the wider world even further, we encourage the children to take a ‘Coalway Bear’ on holiday with them and to share their experiences with others upon their return.


The children carry out geographical enquiry inside and outside the classroom. They will develop and use an increasing range of geographical terms and skills such as map making, map reading and gathering and interpreting information. The children learn to understand their relationship to the natural world and how to care for their environment.