We are a team of volunteers from all walks of life, our team being made up of:


  • 2 Parent Governors - elected by parents

  • 1 Staff Governor – elected by staff

  • 1 Local Authority Governor – nominated by Local Authority, appointed by Governing Board

  • 3 Co-opted Governors – appointed by Governing Board

  • 1 Head Teacher

  • Associate Members – appointed by Governing Board


We all have the same interest ultimately, along with the Head Teacher and all the Staff, to provide the very best education for your children. Our school’s ethos, apart from the obvious educational one, is very much focussed on the children’s welfare and catering for all abilities.

The Governors role is as:

  • A critical friend to the school

  • To provide a strategic view

  • To ensure accountability


School Governors are responsible for the strategic management and direction of Coalway Infants. Governors oversee the financial affairs of the school and make sure that its money is well spent. They work together to monitor the school’s educational performance and make sure that plans and policies have a positive impact upon it.


The full Governing Board meets regularly throughout the year. You may not meet them very often as most of their work takes place in meetings at the end of the normal school day or ‘on-line’.

Governors are also members of four committees that report back to the full Governing Board:-


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for financial planning, including the annual budget, and for monitoring spending and making decisions on expenditure.


Premises/Health & Safety Committee

The Premises/Health and Safety Committee is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the school building and the site, as well as monitoring all aspects of health and safety.


Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee oversees the appointment of new staff and ensures that performance management is carried out effectively.


Teaching and Learning and Standards Committee

The Teaching and Learning and Standards Committee monitors the school’s educational performance and advises the full Governing Board on the curriculum.


Individual Governor responsibilities

Governors also have individual areas of interest and responsibility that include Child Protection, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and Children in Care.


Vacancies for membership of the Governing Board arise from time to time; if you would like to join us or need to contact us for any reason whatsoever, please feel free to contact me via the School Office.

Kim Toombs

Chair of the Governing Board

Updated 14.01.19