Our Values

Through consultation with staff, pupils, governors and parents, we have chosen a set of core values that are distinctive to how we will all learn, behave and play at school. 

Our core values are kindness, respect, support, wellbeing and success.

 Our values tree is displayed in all classes and in the communal areas of the school to support us in living our values.
  • Kindness

    We will understand how to care for ourselves and be kind to each other, how to help others and look after people.
    We will understand how to be a ‘good friend’ and show empathy towards others.
    We will understand how to care for our belongings, the school equipment and the environment.

  • Support

    We will understand how to help and support each other.
    We will learn how to work together and as part of a team and support each other. We will support and help others to include everyone in the team.
    We will understand that we are part of the ‘Coalway family’, our class, school and the wider community.
    We will foster successful partnerships with parents and the local community. We will learn how to be a responsible member of the community, develop a sense of belonging and feel valued.

  • Wellbeing

    We will be able to talk about how we are feeling and understand the differences within our own feelings. We will understand what makes us happy and how to make others happy.
    We will be able to seek help from others and develop self-help strategies.
    We will be able to make successful relationships within school with adults and children. We will have fun and enjoy our learning!
    We will explore what makes us healthy, exploring healthy wellbeing and emotional literacy, healthy lifestyle choices, healthy relationships and keeping safe. We will understand the importance of daily physical activity.

  • Respect

    We will understand who we are and what we can do. We will recognise and celebrate individual qualities, similarities and differences. The children will feel proud of who they are. We will value each other.
    We will develop understanding of similarities and differences. We will develop respect for each other and tolerance that people are different, in the school community and the wider world.

  • Success

    We will develop pride and belief in ourselves. We will believe we can do whatever we want and that we can achieve anything (Be proud of yourself and what you have achieved. Believe in yourself, you can achieve anything!)
    We will learn to challenge ourselves, take risks, try our best, try hard and develop perseverance and resilience.
    We will celebrate all achievements - our own and each other’s. We will develop confidence, independence and positive self-esteem through celebration of our successes and achievements. We will develop an understanding of ourselves and our abilities.
    We will aim high and be aspirational. We will provide experiences so that the children understand the opportunities available to them.