Our Ethos

At Coalway Infants we work hard to create a positive, supportive, nurturing and inclusive learning environment where our children’s well-being and happiness are a priority.  We offer a warm, welcoming, secure and friendly atmosphere where all needs are catered for within our caring, child-centred approach.  Everyone is equally valued and respected.

We provide a rich range of creative, engaging, cross-curricular opportunities to develop the children’s enjoyment of school and learning.  We learn through stimulating topic themes, making learning imaginative, meaningful and fun for all! 

Our high expectations across all areas of school life promote ambitious outcomes for the children and positive learning attitudes.  We want our children to do well and are all dedicated to doing the very best for them, encouraging and enabling them to achieve the highest standards of personal attainment.  We challenge the children and enable them to achieve and feel success, celebrating their achievements at every opportunity, which motivates them further and helps them acquire attitudes for lifelong learning.

We are committed to working together with our families for the benefit of our children and work hard to establish good communication and mutually supportive, trusting relationships.  By working together, we are able to provide the best possible start to the children’s education.