Coalway Community Infant School Members of Staff 2021/2022


Head Teacher:   Mrs. H. Alliston      
Deputy Head Teacher:   Mrs. S. Burke      
Special Educational Needs
  Miss. C. Roberts  
Teachers:   Mrs. S. Burke:   Class 1  
    Miss C. Roberts:   Class 2  
    Mrs. K. Goodland    Class 3  
    Mrs. N. Arnold   Class 4  
    Mrs. R. Savage   Class 5  
    Mr. M. Hook    Class 6  
    Mrs. M.Nicholls   PPA Cover  
    Mrs. J. Grindle   PPA Cover  
Administration:   Mrs. S. Nash   School Administrator  
    Mrs. R. Edwards  
School Administrator
Family Support Worker:   Ms. L. Mudway      
Classroom Assistants:   Mrs. R. Barber   Teaching Assistant  
    Mrs. J. Bennett   Teaching Assistant  
    Mrs. C. Brown   Teaching Assistant  
    Mrs. S. Chilton   Teaching Assistant  
    Mrs. K. Couchman   Teaching Assistant  
    Mrs. S. Eddy   Teaching Assistant  
    Mrs. J. Jenkins   Teaching Assistant  
    Mrs. M. Jordan   Teaching Assistant  
    Mrs. J. Revill   Teaching Assistant  
Mid-day Supervisors:  
Mrs. A. Brown
    Mrs. A. Moore       
    Mrs. S. Edmonds      
    Mrs. G. Edwards       
    Mrs. A. Gordon      
Road Traffic Warden:   Mrs. A. Moore      
Cleaning:   The contractor is currently Glen Cleaning       
Caretaker:   Mr. K. Dovey      
Cleaner:   Miss J. Hansford      
Cleaner:   Mrs K. Jacobs