Art and Design

At Coalway Community Infant School, we aim to provide an inclusive curriculum for art with the intent that our children will develop; a sense of creativity, self-expression and high attainment, from Early Years through to Key Stage 1. It allows for cumulative progression of art knowledge and skills, allowing children to build on prior learning to ensure that theoretical, practical and disciplinary understanding is achieved.


Our curriculum, based on the national curriculum and supported by Access Art, exposes all children to art, giving them a chance to participate and experience a range of creative activities. Allowing children to experiment in a ‘safe’ environment where there is no ‘right way’ of achieving. Through encouraging art discussions and evaluating their own and others’ work, the children’s appreciation of work by a range of artists and an inquisitive nature means children leave Key stage 1 capable of producing a piece of creative artwork which they and others can be proud of.