Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE)

The school is committed to the development of the individual child. We aim to enable all of our children to gain a range of skills and knowledge which allow them to make a valuable contribution to any group within society. The children are treated fairly, are valued as individuals and are given a range of opportunities to participate in school life. Through play and classroom teaching they learn about their homes, families, healthy eating and hygiene. They also learn about themselves and their feelings, and how to care for their bodies. A positive attitude in accepting the differences between people and their views and cultures is promoted through a cross-curricular approach to teaching. A range of activities and experiences are planned to support and promote self-esteem, confidence, independence and a sense of responsibility, both with regard to themselves and others.


By the time a pupil leaves the school we hope that they will:

  • have a sense of belonging and purpose
  • feel confident and good about themselves
  • feel in control and be able to take responsibility for

themselves and others

  • feel informed and be able to make decisions
  • be able to relate to and work with others
  • be able to act independently
  • be able to express their needs and emotions
  • understand the importance of keeping healthy
  • understand different ways in which they can keep safe